Earlier this year, we published our blog on the topic of ‘Deepfakes’, in which we argued that the rise of this technology necessitates urgent legal reform. Without the courts developing English law in a way that they are usually unwilling to do, the current position is that it is not well-suited to deal with the problems that deepfakes pose. Perhaps surprisingly, there are no laws specifically regulating the use of this technology. Since self-regulation has proven to be insufficient, parliamentary legislation is therefore required.

In the recently broadcast BBC Radio 4 programme (also available via BBC Sounds as a podcast), “Look Who’s Talking – The Rise of ‘Voice Cloning’”, a panel of experts discuss the rise of a particular type of deepfake: voice cloning. In this episode, Partner Carlton Daniel explains the reasons why English law currently falls short in protecting individuals from the negative uses of the technology. However, as we argue in our blog, appropriate regulation could unlock the benefits of this technology, some of which are expertly showcased in this programme.