All European Union flags in front of parliament euPatent protection in Europe is regulated by a complex system. In addition to the “classic” national patents, there is a transition to a new Unitary Patent system, which has been in planning for almost a decade now and is expected to finally enter into force in Spring 2022. It will consist of the European Unitary Patent and a E(UPC). The Unitary Patent grants EU-wide protection through a single registration and allows for EU-wide injunctions. During the transition period there are many options to consider, such as the possibility to opt-out of the system. The proceedings under the UPC Agreement will face new possibilities with regard to, for instance, jurisdiction, language, and costs. Our dedicated UPC team is ready to advise in this area. Our team includes litigators with extensive experience in patent litigation, both locally and in cross-border situations. They have evaluated current possibilities for clients during the transition period and assessed the options on future patent applications and infringement actions. The UPC team has already summarized our most frequently asked questions on these topics, including strategies to opt-out of the system and the basics of the procedure of the UPC. Our UPC team is ready!