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EU AI Act Proposal and Regulation of Financial Services

The EU is at the forefront of the commitment to regulate Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to ensure better conditions for the development and use of this innovative technology. In 2020, the European Commission published a white paper on AI and stated therein the urgency to address the challenges of complexity, unpredictability, and autonomous behaviour of certain … Continue Reading

European Commission Finds Privacy Shield “Adequate” But Uncertainty Remains

As we predicted  last week, the European Commission has moved swiftly to issue an adequacy decision that formally adopts an agreement finalized with the US Department of Commerce in June concerning arrangements to legitimize the transfer of EU personal data to the US. The much anticipated “EU-US Privacy Shield” arrangements will replace the Safe Harbor regime, … Continue Reading

German Data Protection Commissioners question the use of BCR and Model Clauses in Data Transfers to the US

Under the EU Data Protection Directive and the implemented European data protection laws, there is a general prohibition on the transfer of data outside the EEA unless adequate methods of protection are ensured. The Safe Harbor Commission Decision (Commission Decision 2000/520/EC) provided for a method to permit the transfer of personal data to the US. However, the recent … Continue Reading