Inventors and lawyers — both in-house and firm counsel — involved in the prosecution of patents have a duty of candor to the US Patent Office, and breaching that duty renders patents unenforceable for inequitable conduct. Once common in litigation, allegations of inequitable conduct faced a more stringent review after the Federal Circuit’s decision in Therasense. Despite those heightened standards, recent cases demonstrate that equitable attacks on patents live on, are often successful and commonly scrutinize the actions of in-house counsel.

IP partners Greg Chopskie and Rahul Pathak will explore two case studies exemplifying the day-to-day decisions in-house counsel make and how those decisions impacted litigation years later. They will discuss the requirements for showing inequitable conduct and consider steps that can be taken to help avoid such attacks.

Join us Thursday, May 28 at 12pm EDT/9am PDT. Additional information and registration is available here.

1.0 hour CLE is available for this session AZ, CA, NJ and NY.