The Squire Patton Boggs Data Protection & Cyber Security team is pleased to share with you a weekly alert on data privacy issues.This week’s alert covers news from the UK, EU, France, Germany and Russia:


  • ICO Publishes Big Data Report
  • ICO Review of Civil Monetary Penalties
  • ICO Serves £50,000 Monetary Penalty for Nuisance Calls
  • House Of Lords Committee Criticises Right to Be Forgotten Ruling
  • Compliance With the Principles of Reciprocity on Data Sharing


  • German Federal Supreme Court Confirms Seven Day Retention Period for Dynamic IP Addresses


  • CNIL Imposes Fine for Unlawful GPS Tracking System
  • CNIL Fines Fédération Française d’Athlétisme for Data Protection Breaches
  • New Norms for the French Public Sector


  • WP29 Meets With Search Engines to Discuss Right to Be Forgotten
  • New Regulation on Electronic Identification
  • New Standards for Data Protection Compliance by Users of RFID
  • Data Regulation Could Slow Pace of Cancer Research


  • Changes to Russian Data Protection Law


  • Squire Patton Boggs’ Second Pan-European Employment Event

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For further information on any of these items, please contact:

Stéphanie Faber in our Paris office

Annette Demmel in our Berlin office

Irina P. Golovanova in our Moscow office