Most organizations would agree that data privacy must be treated as a priority issue, not least because of the financial and reputational consequences of a data breach.  Squire Patton Boggs has a global team of specialists advising clients on local and global data issues. Lindsay Holmes from our team has written a two part article looking at some of the core data privacy issues faced by US organizations and giving practical advice on compliance.

The first part, which can be read here, looks at best practices for avoiding costly data breaches, focusing on the importance of familiarity with relevant federal and state laws and concluding with a series of practical tips for protecting data held by your organization.  The second part, which can be read here, looks at how to respond quickly and effectively to data breaches. In particular, it considers the importance of having a tested and up-to-date response and recovery plan in place and talks in detail about how to put such a plan together.

The articles will be helpful for all organizations but they are aimed particularly at organizations in the healthcare sector.